Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition

There are two major Minecraft versions: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. Although they look very similar on the surface, the inside is quite different. The different code bases create distinct development environments for content creators. This tutorial will explain the main differences content creators should be aware. This tutorial will teach you the following: – […]

Minecraft pixelmon tutorial

Pixelmon, a popular mod that allows Minecraft users to capture various Pocket Monsters in the familiar space of a Minecraft Seed, is a hybrid of Pokemon and Minecraft. Minecraft players must assemble Pokeballs before they can go out to catch Pokemon. This is done by joining a Pokeball lid and an aluminum base together using […]

Minecraft lore theories

Minecraft is a huge survival game that allows players to build and explore endlessly. There is a way out. Many Minecraft enthusiasts and players have devised countless theories about the game’s mystery story over the years. Who is Steve the character? What is his purpose in this game? What are the other entities? These questions are often left unanswered in […]

Honey or slime ?

Minecraft players may assume that honey and slime blocks look very similar. Although they share many similarities, the gelatinous-seeming block is quite different. They offer many benefits, as well as different functions. They can be two of Minecraft’s most useful blocks. They are still very different blocks.¬†They are made differently and could never be mistaken for each […]

Best Minecraft Servers

It’s not surprising that Minecraft is a game that is so much about building, their servers have some of the most innovative worlds and ideas in gaming. Minecraft servers can host a fully-contained multiplayer game world with its own rules and players. Minecraft is like a huge virtual Lego set. There are some jaw-dropping structures […]

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