Minecraft lore theories


Minecraft lore theories

Minecraft is a huge survival game that allows players to build and explore endlessly. There is a way out. Many Minecraft enthusiasts and players have devised countless theories about the game's mystery story over the years.

Who is Steve the character? What is his purpose in this game? What are the other entities? These questions are often left unanswered in Minecraft.

There are some convincing hypotheses that might satisfy players. However, the true lore behind Minecraft remains a mystery.

There are many theories about Minecraft's history, but these are the most important and interesting that even avid gamers don't know.

3) The Villagers and Pillagers Theory

These mobs are very similar to the protagonist's behavior in Minecraft. While the villagers are passive mobs who live in villages, pillagers are hostile mobs who live in outposts or woodland mansions.

It is believed that villagers evolved from an ancient civilization to create different jobs and iron golems for their protection. They lost their ability to use weapons and other tools.

Another theory says that Pillagers could be exiled Villagers who were expelled from villages for certain crimes, and thus became outcasts. They raid villages continuously and appear the same.

2) The Drowned Theory

Many players have asked why special mobs and structures are found under water. Minecraft's secret history books hold the answer. Ocean Monuments and Sunken Ships as well as Ocean Ruins can be found underwater with many drowned Zombies.

These zombie mobs were in fact normal human characters. There were parts of the waterbed that were considered normal long ago. Most of the structures and civilization were drowned by natural disasters like a tsunami or flood.

Soon, mysterious creatures such as Guardians appeared and ruled over the Monument, now called Ocean Monument.

1) Enderman theory

Enderman is perhaps the most mysterious character in Minecraft. Although these long, black, teleporting creatures might seem strange to players they may be the closest to the character players control.

Enderman, a race that is ancient and similar to Steve, can be described as a primitive race. However they are much more advanced than Steve. They were responsible for exploring different realms and building structures in Minecraft well before the first players embarked on their first adventure.

They became successful in the world and discovered the End. End cities were created to protect their most valuable possessions. They were eventually converted to Enderman by the wrath Ender Dragon. They were starving and eventually had to eat chorus fruit which gave them the ability to teleport.